Thursday, July 12, 2007

Don't get mad at me, jerkface!

So I was meeting with one of my clients today. I was making an effort to prepare her for the fact that someone else would be meeting with her in a couple of weeks so that I could take a damn day off and get a little much-needed R & R.

Now, this is one of the clients I've had since I started. And I've made every single appointment with her to this point... FOR SIX MONTHS... And do you know what she did?


She got all huffy and said, "Well, where the hell are you going!?"

I told her, "Well, I'm going out of town."

She got all pissy and said, "I gather that. Where are you going?"

"I'm going out of town on personal business. That's all I'm going to say on the matter."

"Well, I can't believe you're just going to up and decide to leave! I mean who is going to meet with me?"

"I'll only be gone for the one appointment, we'll find someone who has the availability to meet with you, and they will carry out your appointment as scheduled... There should be no inconvenience to you whatsoever."

She then launched into a tirade about how she didn't want some stranger in her house, and how she couldn't believe I was leaving her. It was about this time that I wanted to point out that she has skipped out on plenty of appointments with me, and that left me with nothing to do for our scheduled time, so my missing one appointment and finding someone else to meet with her should hardly be an issue, but of course, I'm not allowed to say any of this. (Again with the control of the inner monologue thing.)

I don't have anything else worthy of report, but this just irritated me enough to mention!

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