Monday, July 02, 2007

I have a day off???

I've been a busy bee despite my recent bout with illness. I'm sure that I don't have to tell any of you that it's a hell of a lot harder to actually recuperate when you're trying to get things done in spite of being sick. But I am feeling somewhat better, even though my nasty, phlegm-ridden cough would imply otherwise. (I would give my right arm to get through a night where I don't wake up at least once hacking up a lung just once this week!)

But in all the hubub and turmoil lately, I totally neglected to note something to myself! I HAVE A FRICKIN' DAY OFF! A REAL ONE! I am ready to piss myself with excitement. [For those of you keeping track, I have not had a real day off since starting this job back in February... I worked Memorial day weekend to ensure I would have the extra day to take off for my upcoming family reunion (and the longtime readers can tell you just how much fun that is every year, so obviously it will be worth taking a personal day to attend!)] But in light of my recent illness, and the fact that monthly reports are going to be due again on the 5th, I elected to take my 4th of July as a real honest day off! (And like I noted before, I'm so excited, I think a little bit of pee just came out!)

It's probably going to be spent working on my monthly reports, but hey, that means I don't have to stay up all night AFTER WORKING A FULL DAY like I usually do. So that'll be a nice change of pace. I mean it's the 4th of July, so a great deal of businesses will be closed. It's not like I do anything fun anymore anyway. I mean, I know I was encumbered this weekend by an increased need for sleep to fight this stupid cold, but seriously I spent my weekend sleeping, doing laundry, watching Sex and the City DVDs while working on my standard weekly paperwork, and cleaning my apartment. A barrel of laughs, I know! (I blame the unemployment stint for this! Because not only did I have to relocate to a place where there isn't much of interest going on, I also grew so used to not being able to do anything that now I'm content not doing much even now that I can.)

I suppose that I could post pictures of my apartment, and of that party I attended, but since I've got a bona fide post on my hands right now, and I don't have much else of interest to post about this week, I'll save it for another day.

(Momma is in Alabama visiting the fam down there... I am a sad panda because I didn't get to go this time!)

I hope you all have a lovely week!

Oh, and since I've got you here, does anyone know what's going on with Postsecret? There was no update this week, a comment section was opened, and the details for sending secrets has been taken down... There is widespread speculation that Frank has given it up without warning. I am concerned! I LOVE POSTSECRET!

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