Wednesday, June 27, 2007

As it should be!!!

The title of this post is not in any way related to my current health status, which is certainly NOT as it should be. (I'm fucking miserable.)

No, the title is actually tied to a little thing I found through James' blog.

Basically, I found out that my blog earned an NC-17 rating. SEE?

Online Dating

I'm pleased that this is the rating I've earned. It's only fitting that my page is not fit to be viewed by minors. Personally I thought I was more in the PG-13, bordering on R rating range... (I checked out a few other blogs to see how I compared, and I just gotta say, DAMN, there's no way that D-Listed is only an R rating!) It makes my sick ass a little happier knowing I rank amongst the finest smut on the web!!

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