Friday, June 01, 2007

Another couple of days that I'm not looking forward to...

My schedule is inadvertently back-end loaded...

Basically, this week my schedule is rockin' the badonkadonk. We've got some serious junk in the trunk.

(FYI: My schedule is a Tuesday through Saturday work week... It's a little odd, but it works.)

Tuesday my whole day cancelled out on me. So I picked up a visit that nobody else wanted because I needed the hours. (We have to bill at least 4 hours a day, and total at least 30 in a week... Usually this is not a problem, but occasionally cancellations will throw you for a total loop.) Wednesday I didn't get started until noon. Today my late visit cancelled on me... Rescheduling appointments that people missed so that I make my hourly quota has caused the next couple of days to be UGLY.

I plan on seeing my hygiene case on Saturday. (Apparently her hygiene is an issue in addition to the cleanliness of her home, which is widely reported to smell like a giant steaming turd.) So far my attempts to contact her have gone unanswered, but I have a feeling when I actually have the time to go see her on Saturday she'll be around... I get this feeling because I know how my luck goes. It'll run out the second I pull up in front of her house. It just will.

Basically the next couple of days will be 12 billable hour days (Which means I'll be working closer to 15 hours a day.) It'll be nice on my paycheck though, because I need a little something coming my way after the last couple of weeks, and the lower hours I turned in!


In other news, Team Medicated suffered its first loss this evening. A close 5-4 game, in which the Lizzle had an impressive infield double, a single, and an RBI. I was thrown off my game a little bit when I realized that a member of the opposing team was actually the guy who ran my church youth group back when I was in 8th grade. I think I threw him off a little bit too, because he made the discovery as I was catching while he was batting... And Drew struck him out.

I must say that I impressed even myself with the infield double though... I hit the ball, knew that I only had enough on it for a single, but as I slowed up after touching first base, I heard the first base coach yelling stop, but I also saw that the first baseman dropped the ball, so I kept on rolling. (Because like a diesel engine, it might take the Lizzle a little time to get going, but once she's moving, she can ROLL!)


I would like to note that (per BrendaLove's request) I am adding a new feature to the Happy Hour.

Since we have the friendly neighborhood pub atmosphere going here, and since I have my loyal regulars who belly up to the bar to sample my wares, I'm going to call this feature "The Bartender Speaks!"

This will be an advice-column type of feature where you can submit questions to your friendly neighborhood barmaid, and she will call it like she sees it. All queries for "The Bartender Speaks" should be submitted via email at

I am asking that your questions be submitted via e-mail so that you have the option to request to remain anonymous, or so that I can request further information from you about your situation, problem, etc, as needed. The bartender likes to make informed decisions when giving advice.

I would like to say this will be a weekly feature, but I have no idea how many or how few of you are interested in seeking the advice of this lowly barkeep. So I'll answer questions on a first come, first served basis, just like everything else at the bar, (unless of course you come over waving money at me, in which case you jump the line, because that's how it works at this establishment!)

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