Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Career shift...

I was putting off working on my monthly reports tonight, watching a little Leno on the only station that my TV has right now, and I got to thinking.

I think the easiest job in the world right now is working as a writer for late night television talk shows. I mean really, between the idiot in the oval office, and all the Hollywood starlets finally reaping what they sow, you know that the writers are all just phoning it in because the jokes practically write themselves.

Britney and her bad weave, Paris and her jail cell, Lindsey all coked up, crashing her car, and then passing out in someone else's car where there is a 30 Day chip hanging in the window... I mean even the slightest mention of Paris going to jail seems to still get a five minute standing ovation from the audience at the moment.

You know those guys are getting paid the big bucks to do something close to nothing at the moment... And you know they don't have to submit monthly reports!

I want THAT job!

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