Monday, June 25, 2007

Mission accomplished.

I set out on Saturday with only a couple of goals in mind.

1: Get to that first appointment on time... 7:00 comes awfully early.

2: Get through the day's appointments without incident.

3: Make it to the party hosted by a coworker, and get DRUNK.

4: Spend Sunday in bed, nursing a well-earned hangover.

I'm proud to say that I accomplished all of my goals. I was early for that first appointment. They ended up cancelling anyway, (which kind of pissed me off because after all, I'd dragged my ass out of bed at that ridiculous hour.) I made it through the remainder of my appointments without choking any children, or their parents. I made it to the party in time to see the whiffle ball tourney get rained out by a torrential downpour. This, of course, meant that we had to occupy our time with other endeavours. And so, the flippy cup and beer pong tournaments filled the gap. It also helped me to achieve goals three and four. And it was glorious. Well, the hangover wasn't really so much "glorious" as it was wretched, but the headache notwithstanding, spending the day in bed was a delight.

There will be party pictures, and apartment pictures, and all sorts of other amusements, but I am too lazy to go to the trouble of uploading them right now. Go ahead and flog me in the comments, I'm a lazy asshole. I'm over it.

I'll leave you with a QOTD!

Erin: "Drew, you're messed up! And so is Ben. Who is driving you home?"
Drew: "Oh we're both driving! This time I get the pedals!"

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