Saturday, June 09, 2007

That's just weird...

I came home after work tonight, changed out my shower head (because the standard one at my apartment SUCKED) and had a glass of wine with my mom... And then my dad called.

"Uhh, hey, it's me, your dad."

"Yeah, I know who you are... what's going on?"

"Well, your uncle and I are still working on some stuff, but your brother was planning on meeting us at some bar in like an hour... You coming?"

"Um, an hour? I guess I can come out for a bit."

"Great! We'll see you there... Oh, and Lisa's coming too!"

"Ok. I'll see you in a bit."

So I went out with my dad, my uncle, my brother, and my future sister in law. And we had a couple of rounds... And then we started playing Golden Tee.

Long story short, I went out for FAAAAR longer than I'd intended.

I have a visit that starts at 8, which means I've got to pick kids up starting at 7:30... And considering it's 2 now, I'm going to be DRAGGING ASS alllllllllllllllllllll day.

Basically, it's going to suck.

And my last case of the day is a drop in on the hygiene case. LOVELY... But at least I can shower immediately afterwards! (Because that house is fucking disgusting, and you seriously feel the NEEEEED to shower when you come within 30 yards of it!)

I'm a little tipsy, so I guess the title is related to the fact that I just find it so odd that I'm going out boozing with the elder members of my family... It just seems so wrong to see the people I once looked up to as these pinnacles of class and taste just drinking, smoking, and playing Golden Tee like the rest of the masses! (My dad and uncle both cracked a couple of jokes at the expense of my uncle who died about 18 months ago... That was awkward, but the jokes were funny.)

C'est la vie.

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