Friday, June 15, 2007

Because I can...

I was over at Nello's Blog, and she participated in a Meme all about how weird she was. I don't think Nello is weird at all. I don't mean to downgrade any of her statements but I hardly think her weird things are really all that weird. They are certainly things that make Nello, well... Nello, but I don't think they make her weird.

In the interest of participation, I will go ahead and take part in the overall concept of the Meme, but instead of saying that these are things that make me WEIRD, I'm just saying that this is what makes me Lizzle... And thus, (like Nello and her list) these are the things that make me AWESOME!

1.) I might be in my mid 20's, but I still eat foods commonly found in the repertoire of ten year olds. These foods include bagel bites, kool aid, Count Chocula cereal, and fruit roll-ups, among other things. I don't know what this says about me, and I don't particularly care.

2.) I'm a huge nerd when it comes to movies. If I see a good movie, I will buy it, and watch it repeatedly. And then I'll watch it a few times with the commentary track(s) on. And then I'll look up facts, quotes, errors, and other fun things about it on I LOVE watching movies over and over, long after other people have tired of them... Of course, I do the same thing with my music, often leaving the same CD in my car stereo for weeks on end. (This time spent reviewing previously watched movies, and previously heard albums probably limits my exposure to new and different things, but hey, I know what I like...) Unless I find a movie/music nerd to date me, I see this becoming a problem in future serious relationships because I know how much it bothers other people that I do this.

3.) I make faces all the time... Even when people aren't around to appreciate them, when people are around but aren't paying attention, and in situations when it's probably inappropriate. I often get caught sitting in the computer room at my office making a fish face, crossing my eyes, and other similar odd facial expressions... And half the time I don't even realize I'm doing it until someone starts giggling at me.

4.) I have an odd fascination with other people's facial features. Long ago I heard a theory that every person's face could be lumped into one of four categories. (Those categories being, dinosaurs, rodents, dogs, and birds.) Ever since hearing this theory, whenever I meet someone new, or even just seeing a stranger in passing, I tend to examine them long enough to assign them to a category... Also whenever I see strangers in passing, I often wonder if they look that way all the time.

5.) I immensely enjoy picking things up using my toes. This might indicate to some of you that I am merely too lazy to bend over to pick things up by hand, but I assure you that on occasion I exert a great deal more effort to pick something up with my toes than I would by using my hands merely to prove to myself I can do it without using my hands... In a way I am merely practising for an otherwise unforeseen debilitating accident whereby my arms are ripped off at the shoulders... My karma has kicked me around long enough that I'm pretty sure that one day this will happen some way or another.

6.) I hate setting and/or re-setting clocks. Unfortunately for me, I hate that blinky 12:00 and find it even more irritating than resetting things. In point of fact, if you were to stumble into my apartment, and look at the alarm clock in my bedroom, you'd find it running 12 minutes fast. This is not a ploy to get me out of bed earlier, it's just that while setting it initially, I just sped through the actual time and instead of taking the time to cycle through and get the time right, I just looked at the clock, threw my hands up in the air, and said, "Fine, if you want to be wrong, BE WRONG. I don't care. But I'm not wasting my time trying to change you anymore." I have seen this utterance as a theme in my relationships with men as well. Go figure.

So, what are a few of the things that make you so awesome... Other than the fact that you're a reader here, obviously.

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