Sunday, June 03, 2007


You all requested the return of the drunk Lizzle... Well, I will happily oblige you!

After I finished work on Saturday I cancelled what little plans I had so that I could just go to bed and not deal with anything. About an hour after I got home and had properly showered to wash off the day I was happily snoozing on my chaise. I heard a knock on my door. There are very few people who know where to find me these days, only 3 people who know where to find me don't actually have keys to the apartment... One of those three was out of town, one was not at all likely to come looking for me. Therefore the source of the knocking was easy to track down after the point when I was too happily napping to get up and actually answer the door. So about a half an hour later when I was ready to get up, I went in search of my neighbor and coworker Erin who was the first and only reasonable option as to the source of the knocking.

So I went to see her, and we hung out in her apartment for a short while. She then got a phone call. It was Jason calling to inquire as to the color of my underwear, and see if we were willing to meet him out at a hole in the wall bar to celebrate a friend's birthday... WELL DUH! Of course we were up for a few rounds!

So I went back to my place, made myself presentable for public viewing, and we went out. It was at this establishment that I found out that three of the people I was drinking with were people with whom I'd attended high school, and had not spoken to since graduation.

Not long after finishing our first round I went to the ladies' room, and as I was walking back to my table, I noticed that my brother and his long time girlfriend were among the other patrons of the bar. (These are the types of odd little coinkie-dinks you come to expect once you're no longer living in a city of 5 million people with countless proper bars to patronize.)

[For the record, this is the point in the post where I elected to take the now infamous "Lizzle drunken shower" which occupied about 40 minutes.]

And so now that I'm back, I'd like to note that now that I'm back, I'm watching Trainspotting, and all I can think of is who among my group of friends I associate with the characters. Since no one else will say it outright, I'm going to... (because a few of you know him,) Ben IS Begbie. If you know Ben, and you've seen Trainspotting, get back to me... I'm sure you must agree.

For the few of you who care, I'll go ahead and tell you that I don't get much in the way of a weekend this week because my regular weekly paperwork is due on Monday, and my monthly reports are due on Tuesday... So I get to take what would be my weekend and spend it doing paperwork for the office... LOVELY!

In other news, I should note that I have had this thing on my eyelid for several months... It was a little bump that just pissed me off merely by being subtly present, without really posing any real issue. In the last week to ten days the bump essentially doubled in size and caused me to make an appointment at an opthamologist's office to get it checked out. (In the interim I have referred to this bump/thing as my eyelid tumor.) Of course two days after I make the appointment, the thing decided to resolve itself... So now I've got an appointment and no real problem. Typical really.

I'm a tired panda. You sluts have a pleasant day, won't you!

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