Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I am ill.

I have been feeling run down recently, and today it hit me like a ton of bricks. I still worked a full day, but dammit it SUCKED.

I think I've got one of those nasty summer colds, stuffed to the gills with ugly symptoms including a nasty sore throat, swollen tonsils, an alternating stuffy and runny nose, fatigue, body aches, and that gross stuffed head compounded with headaches. Add in the lovely "female trouble" symptoms, and well, you get one miserable Lizzle.

I'm downing midol, theraflu, and nyquil like it's nobody's business!

Basically, don't expect me to be my usual blogging self for a few days... Though I know I've left you all hanging a lot lately anyway. At least now I have a pretty valid reason.

In unrelated news, the topic of today's staff meeting was kind of odd. It was a kind of "getting to know you" day. Basically, a supervisor ran down a list of offbeat little questions to get us to acknowledge little-known facts about ourselves. (For example, I was singled out on the question, "who is wearing an article of clothing that someone else purchased?" Since I was wearing a UCSC t-shirt that a friend bought for me in college, I raised my hand. The meeting leader then asked if the friend who bought it went to UCSC. I said no, she went to college with me... She bought it for me because it was my birthday and I liked the mascot. I think any school that has the stones to make a banana slug it's mascot is worth advertising.) This probably doesn't really interest you... I know that I was kind of bitter when I'd dragged myself out of bed for a staff meeting to hear this malarkey instead of something useful for actually dealing with clients. But it did provide for a pretty good quote of the day.


Kris: "Has anyone ever won a prize for anything?"
Dustin: "When I was in third grade, I won a hog calling contest."
Kris: "UHH, Ok... Dustin, would you like to demonstrate? I mean how exactly does one call a hog?"
Dustin: "You flip it the bird and say, 'GET THE HELL OVER HERE YOU STUPID PIG!' I could demonstrate, but I don't think it's appropriate for a staff meeting."

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