Thursday, May 31, 2007

Well, my readership is down...

I normally don't pay too much attention to the little meter that tells me how many people stop in and read my malarkey. (SEE! I listen to you sluts! I'm already working it in more!) But on a whim I decided to check in and see what my current numbers looked like.


My numbers have plummeted. At the height of this madness I was seeing about 200 people a day. I thought that was pretty good considering I don't do any kind of advertising for this humble little page. Now I'm down to around 50 people a day. That's fine too, as I don't really care who reads this stuff, as it's really more for my own sanity than for you. (Sorry, it's true though.) I will say that I do feel a certain kinship with the loyal readers who have been around since ... well, the beginning. I also love the ones who have picked me up somewhere along the way and just keep coming back for some unknown reason. I mean, hey, if you're liking it enough to keep coming back, I must be doing SOMETHING right.

This got me to thinking. And well, the title is something of a double entendre. Yeah the numbers are lower, but the readers who have stuck it out through the worst of times as well as the times of raucous laughter are certainly down with the Lizzle.

And so this one goes out to you, my lovelies!

I want to make those of you who have your name etched on a bar stool here at the Happy Hour just a little bit happier. So I'll put it to you: what do you all love about the Happy Hour? What do you want to see more of? What could you TOTALLY do without? What topic are you anxious to get a Lizzle opinion on that you haven't seen addressed? Suggestions? Comments? Observations? Go ahead and feel free to let me know what's on your mind! (Because aside from dealing with the crazies who's behavior provides me with billable hours every week, I am intensely boring right now... I want what you want! And that's a happier Happy Hour for all of us!)

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