Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Quick question...

I haven't had an opportunity to have cable installed yet. As a direct result, I have television that consists of exactly ONE channel. Fortunately, I don't watch that much television, however, the limited time I do have available for television viewing is usually pretty late in the evening. This causes me to ponder a question that bothers me immensely, and quite frankly, it should bother you too!

The burning question:

How the hell does Carson Daly still have his own show?

I mean, I understand if this hasn't been keeping you up nights, because the odds are quite good that you have more than one channel, or you go to bed at a reasonable hour, so either way, you're not watching this hour-long train wreck 5 nights a week. I don't watch it either... but just knowing it's still on bothers me. Who are the rocket surgeons who greenlit this debacle for additional episodes after the first week? Probably the same people responsible for "Joey."

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