Thursday, May 24, 2007

I want a long weekend dammit!

My mom came by on Wednesday night. She informed me that she was going to visit my aunt in Alabama, and that she was leaving Thursday morning around 10 AM... Which would mean that she has a FIVE DAY weekend. SERIOUSLY. FIVE DAYS.

Now if anyone has earned a vacation, it's my mom, but she took the geezer with her, so odds are she won't have as relaxing a visit as one might think would come packaged with a FIVE DAY WEEKEND.

I, on the other hand, don't have a long weekend. Instead I get to supervise visits, do parent aide, juvenile mentoring, (honestly, making me a mentor for anyone... It's tantamount to BEGGING on hands and knees for trouble,) and idly dream of the day that I can take a FIVE DAY WEEKEND.

In case you were wondering, it will be a long time before I can take such a luxurious holiday. Instead, I get my standard two day weekend, and a "floating holiday" to use at my leisure within the next 60 days. And I'm thinking I'm going to take it near the end of July to attend the annual family reunion, (also known as drunken family roast 2007).

Though, I will get another floating holiday for the 4th of July, so I can either take a mental health day as I see fit, or I can make that a 4 day weekend!

Team Medicated won again this evening, no thanks to me, as I was trying to pick up some hours, and we had the early game this week, and so I was unable to attend. I'll be back in action next week though, and it's gonna be great... Because my punk ass is totally hitting the batting cages.

In other news, the term "the wonk" is gaining popularity around the office. I mentioned to a couple of coworkers that I've been battling a serious case of the wonk lately, and everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy the term. It prompted the following conversation:

Liz: "I've got a bad case of the wonk..."
Ann: "The wonk? What's that?
Liz: "It's when you feel just... OFF... You're not sick, but you're just not feeling like yourself."
Ann: "The wonk... I like that term. Though I should tell you that's what it feels like to get old."
Liz: "REALLY???? God! No wonder my grandpa is such a turd!"
Ann: "But really, I think having the wonk is a good thing... It gives you an insight into how our clients feel all the time!
Liz: "Yeah, but they feel this way because they've got the good drugs!"
Ann: "Well, I suppose that having the wonk is better than having The Clap."
Liz: "Or you could be like Barbie and have The HERP!"
Barbie: "Hey! I don't have the herp!"
Liz: "Keep telling yourself that... We all know better. The cold sores and constantly scratching your nether-regions are both dead giveaways."
Barbie: "Dammit Liz, you've figured out my secret."
Ann: "Well now that you've admitted to it, you can't blame her when the rest of the office finds out."

Seriously, considering we're in social services, an industry where many of our clients ACTUALLY have the clap and the herp, we are big into inappropriate humor at the office.

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