Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Whoa, I move soon...

I have been meaning to tell you about the second half of last week, but I've been too tired and too frustrated with my clients to really get into it.

I will get to it, I assure you, but I just remembered I have to move this week.

Yes, my nomadic ass will be working all day tomorrow, then packing up my crap tomorrow night so that the movers can get things shifted on Thursday morning... And I will work all day Thursday, Friday, and Saturday too... Then I'll have a couple of days to go through and actually unpack my stuff! (FOR REAL THIS TIME!!!)

I love the idea of relocating without doing ANY of the grunt work. It makes me really happy.

I'm also excited to be able to get into the entirety of my wardrobe, and actually be able to wear things that have been packed away for months. (I have seriously been recycling and laundering four pairs of pants for the last several weeks, I'm excited to see my other pants! It's going to be like embarking on an adventure into my new walk-in closet!)

In other news, now that it's officially spring, I am REALLY REALLY getting to miss Chicago. Spring was always my favorite time of year up there. I was flower slingin', the Cubbies played ball, and I attended games when I could, I would go to the beach and look for sea glass, and when I had a day off, I would walk around my fair city with Anthony. (...Oh, and I would drink outside at the beer gardens at night... But that kind of went without saying, didn't it?) It makes me sad that I don't get to do that stuff this year. I'll have to get over it I suppose.

Oh, and I made another wisecrack at the weekly staff meeting today. We had a couple of new hires who were introducing themselves at the morning meeting, and when the second newbie finished her introduction with, "...I just wanted to help people and this job allows me an opportunity to do that!"

I, (again in the half-under-my-breath, but still loud enough to be heard by the otherwise silent room) slid in, "HA! Suckerrrrrrrrrs!"

It was appreciated all around.

Lucky for me, I don't think they can or will fire me for being crass.

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