Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday is going to suuuuuuuuck...

Well, I told you that I had softball on Thursday nights...

I suppose I neglected to mention what sorry shape I'm in, and that I need to hit the batting cages like it's nobody's business.

We had our first game this evening, and though they looked well practiced, we demolished them by a score of 12-4. I know that you don't really care, but I batted .750 with three base hits and a ground out and 3 RBIs. I was pretty impressed with myself as far as the numbers went, though I must say that while it looks good on paper, it was ugly on the field. (And I KNOW it was ugly.)

Add in the fact that I was forced to play catcher, a position at which I have neither experience, nor demonstrable skill, and well, let's just say that it wouldn't surprise me if my coworkers all began to think that I had no athletic prowess whatsoever, which is untrue. (I was just VERY rusty, and playing an unfamiliar position.)

But with all the constant lobbing of errant pitches all evening, and then hauling my chunky butt around the bases, I have no doubt that I'm going to be more than a little sore in the morning. I could already feel it in my back after the game... It makes me realize that I'm getting old at a rate that boggles the mind.

I suppose I'll close this post that nobody particularly cares about by leaving you with a QOTD.

Sheree: "Well, somebody's got their panties in a bunch today!"
Johnathan: "Actually they are boxer briefs! Grey, in case you care."
Liz: "Well, since we're sharing, let's see... I think I'm wearing a multi-colored boy-short deal today..."
[I pull down my waistband just enough so that the three people at the table can see the color of my drawers.]
Jason: "Jesus, where did you get those? They look like they belong in a Dr. Seuss book."
Liz: "Yeah, actually I was lucky enough to find these in Whoville the last time I vacationed there."
Sheree: "You know, there is a part of me that could totally see you vacationing in Whoville."

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