Sunday, May 06, 2007

You rejected me, but now I kind of like you...

Contrary to what the title might lead you to believe, this post is SO NOT about a guy. (I'm ok with being terminally single, I don't go chasing after those who reject me.)

No... This post is about something completely different.

Remember a year ago? (Even though it feels like it's been more like a decade!) Remember when I worked at that first real estate office that laid me off? Well, if you remember that, then you also might remember that while working in that office I was supposed to be medically insured. Well, in the end, I wasn't. Probably because of something I said in this conversation... But that's neither here nor there, as I was laid off a couple weeks later, and thus the health insurance would have been cut off anyway. But still, I was rejected by the insurance company... And really, who likes rejection from anyone?

Well, I guess they found a handy way of helping we poor little rejects get over the agony of our rejection.

(Keep in mind that this rejection was A. YEAR. AGO.)

This weekend, I got a letter from the evil insurance company that rejected me. A. YEAR. LATER.

In spite of my rejection I found the letter quite lovely.

They wrote to inform me that they looked over their records. They found in those records that they owed me money.


Apparently they "tried" to send me my money before. And they seem to think I just didn't cash that check. (Insert HUGE eye-roll here... As if I wouldn't have cashed a check for $382.10 when I was out of a job for 8 months, struggling to make rent, and living on eggs, ramen noodles, and potato buds.)

The funny thing is, I never sent them any money.

My health insurance (had I been accepted,) was paid by my employer IN ADDITION to my weekly paycheck, it was not deducted from my pay. So even though I never paid them a dime, they are writing me a check for a dime, plus $382.00 ...Which is nice.

I suppose that TECHNICALLY that money should go back to my former employer, but since my name was the one on the account, and I was the one who had to deal with their stupid questioning and eventual rejection, I am keeping it. I'm considering it compensation for their stupidity, even though it provided delightful blog fodder.

Speaking of blog fodder, I have been incapacitated by "woman problems" all day, and a good chunk of my time has been spent going through the archives before I was a miserable loaf for so long. All I've got to say is, DAMN, I really did have a good time there for a while! And I also noted that when I was having a good time the writing was SOOOOOO much better! (Note to self: NEW GAME PLAN! Step 1: Have a good time for a long while. Step 2: Pen a novel. Step 3: Retire from real work and have more good times and write more novels. Step 4: Enjoy life as famous humorist.)

As for work, I really must tell you about the last few days, but in the interest of getting my paperwork in on time, I am going to have to wait on that until tomorrow.

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