Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I am apparently a rockin' girl blogger!

Who'da thunk?

I was just trolling the interweb on my day off and I found, much to my surprise, that I had been pegged as a "Rockin' Girl Blogger" because according to Nello of diary of the Nello, I am, "BRILLIANT! So. Smart. And so funny."

I am humbled at receiving the honor! I would think if anything this blog is the primary outlet for my stupidity, as opposed to being "brilliant" or "smart." But hey, I respect Nello's opinion of pretty much everything else, so I suppose I'll defer to her on this one because I guess I'm not the best person to judge the merits of my own blogging.

I guess part of this whole deal is that I'm supposed to point out those who I think of as rockin' girl bloggers, and award them the same honor. Based on the fact that these are supposed to be girl bloggers all the fellas out there are going to have to cry themselves to sleep tonight because they could not be considered for the honor. (Sorry boys... If you don't have a vagina all your own, you weren't even considered... But I'm sure that there will come a time when I can bestow all of my accolades and praises on you as well, but today is not that day.)

So here are my winners for Rockin' Girl Bloggers (in random order)

1.) Debbie of Fresh Air Lover - Debbie is a survivor. She kicks ass and takes names. She is brutally honest and doesn't care what anyone thinks. She is awesome, that's all there is to it. The world needs more people like Deb! (Oh, and she just got a new kitten!)

2.) Nello of diary of the Nello - Yeah, she already won the honor, but I'm just being honest about who I think are the rockinest girl bloggers out there. She's been battling her own health obstacles, and she wrangles two of the cutest children on the planet, but she manages to do it with such panache and wit that I marvel at her with every post!

3.) Brenda of Planet Brenda- Brenda cracks my shit up! She could crack me up strictly using her photo editing skills, (and where she FINDS half of these pictures only she knows!) But she composes well informed posts about the outside world as well as great posts about the events of her own life. And let's not even get her started on music, because she's got a hard rockin' playlist over there!

4.) Jay of Kill the Goat - Goats are creepy, but Jay is not. She does somehow manage to attract all kinds of creeps though! (Just ask her about Tito!) She's incredibly funny, and her level of writing is, quite frankly, what I aspire to. I've neglected her. I love her though. She is awesome and such a strong woman.

5.) Elaine of Sanity Interrupted - How could the tales of a self-described midget married to a viking not be awesome and absolutely hilarious? It's not possible! Elaine proves this. She cracks me up, and in my humble opinion, bitch knows what's funny in pop culture.

6.) Holly of Help Me Bubba - She might not post often, but when she does, LOOK OUT! The girl has a wider selection of hilarious poop stories than anyone I've ever known.

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