Saturday, October 13, 2007

Birthday presents...

I met up with my dad, my brother, and what is essentially my sister in-law last night.

They wanted to get together to celebrate my birthday.

My dad did well with my birthday gift this year. He bought me dinner, he bought all the drinks for the evening, and he gave me a card with a little cash in it... A winner all around in my book.

My brother showed up a little late, and brought in my gift. He handed me a box which contained a little tabletop fountain, and he gave me a CD.

I thanked them accordingly, and noted that I was excited about the CD. (It was the new Radiohead album.) Which prompted the following conversation:

Lizzle: "Oh awesome! This is the new one!"
Brother: "Yeah, I thought you might like it!"
Lizzle: "This is the one causing all the fuss because they are letting the fans choose the price and then download it!"
Brother: "Yeah, I got to choose the price, and the price I chose was FREE."
Lizzle: "It's nice to know I mean that much to you."
Brother: "Yeah well, if it makes you feel any better about it, the price I chose for my own copy was FREE too... So I think of you as an equal."
Lizzle: "Well that means a lot! Thanks.
Brother: "Don't mention it... Oh, by the way, track five... AWESOME. ...TRACK FIVE!"

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