Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Knock knock...

Is anyone home?

I am so shocked that I got ZERO COMMENTS on that last post!

I'm convinced that through some publishing error, that I was the only one able to see the fact that anything had been written, and that everyone else who stopped by only saw the post about my birthday presents from a couple days ago, rather than the youtube clip and the radiohead review I posted yesterday.

It has happened before, I've caught it a few times while checking for comments from computers outside my home. I don't know why it happens, but I really hope that this is what happened rather than the alternative. (The alternative being that you all came by, saw what I posted, thought I was an absolute idiot and out of pity decided not to call me out on it... It's either that, or you've all just stopped reading because I am that pathetic right now... The alternatives are totally plausible, but I choose to believe that it's not the case.)

I'm hoping that this post sticks, and that you're able to enjoy the youtube clip and radiohead review posts if or when they show up.

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