Saturday, August 18, 2007

A new do, a new you!

Yeah, so not that any of you care, because very few of my readers are people who see me anymore, but I changed my hair.

It went from being very long and blonde, to being MUCH shorter and brown.

To give you a mental image, (for those who care) think a chin-length, chocolate-brown layered bob... A little bit like Britney's hair was right before the head-shaving meltdown, but without the head lice, cheeto dust, and foul odor vaguely reminiscent of sour milk.

One of my clients saw it and just about shit her pants.

Several of my coworkers saw it and just love it!

In other words, I look hot.

And now, a QOTD

Liz: "I'm having a little trouble finding one of my clients a job... Nobody wants to hire her because she's got a felony record."
Erin: "What's her record for?"
Liz: "Umm, drug charges... I think mostly meth and coke."
Erin: "Hmm, have you tried going out to hotels? I had a client who had a drug record and they didn't seem to mind taking her on as a housekeeper."
Liz: "I had not thought of that!"
Erin: "Yeah, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't even mind if she were on drugs, because if she was doing coke and meth, not only would she clean the rooms, she'd do it REALLY FAST!"

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