Monday, August 20, 2007

Oh, how I love spending my weekends like this...

So this weekend was supposed to be a nice, relaxing couple of days. I had family in town I'd planned on visiting with, and it was my mom's birthday weekend, and as we all know how I love my momma, I wanted to spend it celebrating with her as well.

WELLLLL... Things did not go according to plan.

I went to work on Saturday, worked later than I wanted to, then went to see my mom and my aunt and uncle who were visiting. I hung out with them for a few hours, and then came home. This was the part of the weekend which did go relatively according to plan... But then a wrench got thrown into the gears. A wrench in the form of a giant migraine. So I took meds and went to bed... And I tossed and turned and alternated rounds of unconsciousness with rounds of barfing up my soul and praying for a quick end to my misery which was most assuredly not coming.

That was how I spent the entirety of my Sunday. And when I finally regained consciousness and some use of my faculties at around 3:00 on Monday, I was greeted with 3 phone messages from my office wondering where my weekly paperwork was.

For those of you not familiar with migraines, one of the effects is that even after the migraine has passed, you can still experience residual symptoms, like lasting sensitivity to light and sound, and you can still have a nasty headache even after the worst is over... So I walked out into the bright world outside my dark, quiet apartment and winced instantly, and took my paperwork to the office, looking very much like I'd been dragged through a gutter, and faced co-workers who flat out accused me of being hungover.

I was printing off my weekly documentation and wearing my sunglasses indoors, (because it is insanely bright in my office!) and my friend Pam looked at me and said, "You look like hell! Where have you been? Your paperwork is late!"

"I know. I've had a migraine and been unconscious or barfing for two days."

"Oh. Bummer."

Maggie interjected, "You look hungover!"

Pam came to my defense, "No, if she were hungover, her paperwork would have been in on time."

I replied, "Yeah, if this were from a hangover I'd at least have gotten SOME enjoyment out of it... And the paperwork would have been turned in before I started drinking in anticipation of feeling like a dog turd rolled in broken glass which was then set on fire."

Pam noted, "Wow, you're feeling that good, huh?"

Yeah... I'm feeling that good.

I still have a little bit of a dull ache in the cranium, and when I turn my head too fast I feel like I can feel my brain sloshing around inside my skull, but other than that I'm good.

I am only hoping that this week takes it easy on me.

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