Saturday, August 04, 2007

The restless bartender...

As you all ought to know by now, I run a feature known as "the bartender speaks."

For those of you not familiar with this feature, it's basically my common sense approach to whatever problem you might be having at the moment.

As I commonly remind my clients, I'm not a licensed therapist, or relationship/marriage counselor, but doing what I do all day for a living, I basically make my living helping people solve their problems. (Some people are more willing than others to listen to what I have to say, and living in the free country that we do, it's our right to observe or ignore the advice of an outsider, but whatever...) The fact is that the bartender has had no queries of late.

I can't force you all into posing your pertinent questions, but I do feel the need to remind you that the option to ask the bartender is available.

For free advice in a forum where others of reasonable intelligence can offer their opinion (in the comment section) and I get to outline a cynical, yet common sense based opinion as biblical truth, simply e-mail me at "thebartenderspeaks (at) gmail (dot) com" and state your query, (which is a fancy phrase for "Ask your damn question,") and mention whether you would prefer to remain anonymous, or if you would prefer your e-mail to be listed so that others might contact you directly.

In the past, the bartender has debunked the nigerian bank scam, helped out a little lady in a relationship pickle, and advised on a gift giving scenario.

If you have your own situation that you need some fresh eyes on, lay it out for me, and I'll tell it like it is... As I've always been known to do! (And if you're too lazy to use the e-mail address above, just click the one in the sidebar... It's all the same to me.)

Besides, the bartender has gotten bored with serving up Amstel Lights, polishing glasses and pouring the odd shot... Give me a challenge people! Hit me with your woes! That's what I do best!

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