Thursday, August 16, 2007

Things are lookin' up!!

Well, it's official, they like me and trust me at my office... Like, A LOT.

Want to know how I know?

In addition to my regular duties doing parent aide, supervised visitation, and juvenile mentoring, (stop snickering, dammit! I am perfectly capable of censoring myself when mentoring the juveniles! -- That's the one job duty that always gets my good friends laughing... I wonder why.) Anyway, in addition to the things I normally do, yesterday I was asked to take on a trainee... And not just any trainee, based on other trainers' experiences with this girl, basically this trainee was the trainee from hell... We know this because she spent her down time bad mouthing her trainers and acting like she knew everything! HA! --She's got a rude awakening coming her way in a big hurry! I've been doing this job a while now, and I know people who have been doing it for YEARS, and we ALL find ourselves out of our depth on occasion. It's just another part of the job to get in over your head. But anyway, this little chickie thought she knew it all after only one week of training... OHHHHH to be a fly on the wall when she forges out on her own for the first time... She's probably going to shit herself.

So yeah, I had to open a new case, and she hadn't seen that done before, so they put her with me, and I trained her on a new case. And if I hear she's badmouthing me, I'm going to start a nasty rumor about her... Like she sat and bit her toenails while we were in the visit together... Or something.

Seeing as how I have been there only a little more than half a year, I thought this newfound trust (read: job security) was something to celebrate! So I went and I bought myself a lovely sushi dinner. The thing about sushi in this area of the country, is that you have to keep in mind that it's never going to be as fresh as it could be if you lived in a major city, or coastal area, and if you're going to bother with trying to find sushi around here, and if you don't half-ass it, and you find the good stuff, you're going to be just fine... So I went to a reputable (read: expensive) restaurant, and I got myself some sushi, because DAMMIT, I DESERVE IT! And it was GOOOOOOOOD. (I've missed it!)

And tomorrow, after I finish my daily appointments, I'm going to get my hair cut at the fancy salon (as opposed to mastercuts or that halfway decent but kind of sketchy salon at the mall)... And it will be glorious.

I am also awesome because I unclogged my sink without the use of any harsh chemicals or fancy gadgets! It was just me and a wrench, and a bowl to catch the icky water from the clogged portion of the pipe!

You may pay your homage and show your envy in the comments. Thank you.

Rebecca: "You know... Coworker X has really huge earlobes! It's actually quite distracting!"
[Giggles of agreement from around the table]
Jason: "I'm sorry, what did she say?"
Liz: "She was talking about Coworker X and his huge earlobes!"
Jason: "OH! Hell yeah! He's damn near ready to take flight!"

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