Saturday, March 24, 2007

Grateful for a weekend...

I was working on Friday morning. I was touring a facility that will soon become the home of one of my clients. We were there for her orientation. Coming down a flight of stairs, my stupid ass missed the last step. I landed hard on my left knee, and heard/felt a serious popping in my right ankle as I fell.

I got up and began by standing on my left foot only. And then I gingerly put my right foot down, prepared for the worst. Fortunately it could bear weight... But it sure as hell let me know that it wasn't happy.

As I stood there, I could literally feel the blood draining out of my head and rapidly rushing to the areas which were soon to be swollen and angry.

I wrapped things up with that client, and went back to my office. I was going to tell my supervisor about my fall, but he was taking a day off. SONOFABITCH.

So I talked to another supervisor. He told me to go and have it checked out. I told him I needed to work the hours I had scheduled for the rest of the week, or I'd fall short of my weekly minimum. He said go get it checked out anyway. I said I was hurt, but I was not disabled. Another supervisor chimed in, "Well, if you're going to get it checked out and file a worker's comp claim, you'll need to go ahead and have a drug test scheduled today too." I told them that I didn't have that kind of time. I had work to do.

I worked. I supervised 2 visits with 5 kids. My ankle and my knee were not pleased.

I iced the ankle and tried to stay off of them both as much as possible.

Today I was supposed to have two visits. I only had one, and since the other one cancelled, I used the opportunity to get my paperwork done early. My ankle is less pissed off at me today, but I can still tell she's going to hold a grudge. My knee is another story.

My knees are rotten, grinding bastards to begin with. Landing hard on one and pissing it off is never a good idea. My knee is swollen, and a little bruised... less bruising and more swelling though. Oh, and any time anything, even my pant leg, even so much as brushes it? Yeah, that's when it decides that my whole leg needs to feel like it's on fire. Lovely.

Basically I'm looking forward to a nice, quiet Sunday and Monday off. If only so that I can give my lower extremities a chance to forget why they are so hateful towards me!

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