Saturday, March 24, 2007

I feel like there ought to be more melodrama involved...

I have made my minimum of hours... I did that like two days ago. But the boss gets mad if we don't have "full workdays" every day of the week... so basically if you have a couple of 14 hour days early in the week, you're not going to be able to take the last three days of your work week off... You still have to bill at least 4-6 hours minimum on all those other days. (You'd think they would like to get out of paying us the overtime, but apparently not.)

Anyway, I had just put in three hours on one of my cases, and was grabbing a quick lunch before putting in three to five hours on another case when I got a phone call. It was the client I was due to see this afternoon. She was cancelling on me.

Now let's keep in mind that it's a Saturday morning... A BEAUTIFUL, eighty degree, sunny Saturday morning. Part of me was REALLY glad she called and cancelled, but the part of me that realized that she just cut into my overtime pay, and put me under the minimum daily hours requirement(which will surely irritate my boss, and be a little suspicious given the GLORIOUS weather,) yeah, well, that part of me was a little bit irritated. It was that part of me that wanted to get all melodramatic and say something on the order of an angst-filled teen... You know something like, "WELL, FINE! I DIDN'T WANT TO WORK WITH YOU TODAY ANYWAY!" But then I'd have to find a door to slam... and I'd have to cry and listen to emo music, and that's not how I want to spend my Saturday.

And once I wrap things up here and get my paperwork all finished and turned in, I think I'll go and get my "welcome to spring" pedicure, because quite frankly, my feet are still that lovely shade of winter white, and aside from being clean and thoroughly hair free, they look like they should be scaling the rocky terrain of Mount Doom... And I am the first to say that NOBODY wants to look at that mess! So I'm getting it taken care of before wearing sandals becomes a serious daily issue!

And here it is, the return of the QOTD!!!!

Victoria: I think they had something like 9 kids... and they were living in a hotel room.
Kendra: Where do you even put 9 kids in a single hotel room?
Liz: Oh, you just stack them in the drawers and let one sleep in the closet, and one sleep in the bathtub... The others can find floor space to sleep on.
Kendra: How would you even check into a hotel with 9 kids? "Excuse me, sir, I'd like a single room, but we're going to need 11 pillows and 14 blankets!" Seriously, is that how you'd do that?
Victoria: Well, then you have the sex-offender thing thrown into the mix...
Tarita: It sounds to me like to need to make a couple of phone calls... One to a case worker, and one to the fire marshall.
Liz: You know, I'm betting that once the fire marshall found kids in the drawers in a room registered to a sex offender, he'll probably be calling the case worker for you... And that'll save you minutes on your phone bill!
Tarita: Liz, that's genius! Now that's thinking ahead!

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