Sunday, March 04, 2007


We've got ourselves a spankin' new member of the family!

On Friday morning, my cousin Kara FINALLY delivered her third issue. A six pound ten ounce, nineteen inch baby boy by the name of Keegan Ashton. We don't have pictures yet, but as soon as we do, I will most definitely post them so that you can all see the latest addition to my crazy-ass family.

As for my work, it's official. I am totally out of the training program. I have handled my first case... And I have since met with that family a few more times. And I have officially turned in my first REAL paperwork... (Which, from what I gather, is the one real bitch of this job because we have to document ANY AND EVERY teeny weeny little thing that transpires in our sessions.)

Now I am still officially a probationary employee for the next couple of months, but based on the speed with which I was moved out of the training program, I feel like I've begun to establish myself well enough to think that the probation period is really more of a time when I'm just waiting on my health insurance to kick in, rather than having to wait for my job to be secure. I mean if ever there is any doubt about anything, EVER, we call our supervisors and let them decide what to do... There are therapists and other employees who have been there for YEARS and still call supervisors for a course of action, so my occasional calls to a supervisor for advice would totally fit right in. Basically I'm going to be a rockstar at this job, and everyone knows it.

(I work with a couple of cute boys too... but that's something for later discussion.)

(Oh, and for those of you out there who have a penis, and object to me calling the males that I work with "boys" I have only one response, so read it, learn it, live it... You males are all* boys from the day you are born until the day you die. Thus the sustained level of popularity and giggles when discussing any topic which falls anywhere near the vicinity of "toilet humor." Face it, your body may have aged, you might have grown some additional body hair, you may be a little more well-traveled, and you might have gained a little more insight on the world, but deep down you are all perpetually twelve years old. The fact is, we women love you anyway, so if we find a flaw in you for being a boy, we are flawed for loving you as you are.)

[*The exception to the scope of "All" males is limited only to those who actually go to the surgical and hormonal trouble of being altered to the point where they are no longer male, (I can't get a definitive answer as to whether or not Alexis Arquette would be a clinical example of this. Though I'm pretty sure (s)he finds toilet humor funny as well.)]

God, I just explained way too much for having only noted that I think a couple of my male coworkers are attractive.

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