Friday, March 02, 2007

Somehow it snuck up on me...

Ok, so it's Friday... In a few hours my cousin will evict her baby for overdue rent (payable in obscene levels of cuteness) and for being bad tenant and a general pain hoo hoo. Literally.

Despite the fact that I knew she was going in to deliver on Friday, it still managed to sneak up on me.

My computer was supposed to be finished weeks ago. After repeatedly checking on it, and repeatedly being told that they would call when it came in, I went in Thursday night after work to see when they expected it to show up, because nobody had called as of 8 PM , and it was there! So that snuck up on me... Because after all the delays, I never expected to go in unannounced and have it actually be there.

And then there was the most unexpected event of them all.

Late Thursday afternoon, while out on a ride-along with one of the other counselors, I got a phone call. It's my boss.

Boss: "Hey, Liz, how are you?"

Liz: "Fine. Although I'm admittedly a little alarmed hearing from you in the middle of the day. How are you? What's going on?"

Boss: "Oh, I'm fine... But I had a quick question for you."

Liz: "Ok, shoot."

Boss: "Well, how do you think your training is going?"

Liz: (Mentally: "UHHHH, this is going to go down one of two ways... Don't blow it!") Verbally: "I think it's going pretty well. I've certainly learned a lot!"

Boss: "Well great. We think it's going pretty well too. That's why we're cutting your training short... If you're ready, we're going to go ahead and start giving you cases beginning tomorrow instead of next week like we'd originally planned."

Liz: "Wait, so I'm done? You're tossing me out of the boat and now I've got to swim on my own?"

Boss: "Well, yeah. If you're ready, we've already got a couple cases that were due to be assigned to you, and you are already familiar with one of them, so we figure based on what we've heard from the people training you that you are ready to make these your own... Just a few days early."

Liz: (Mentally: "HOLY SHIT, I hope I don't fuck this up.") Verbally: "GREAT! Just leave the case notes in my in-box at the office and I'll pick them up when I finish tonight."

So yeah, that one REALLY snuck up on me. Four days earlier than anticipated... I understand that what I am doing is important, and that I have to know how to handle myself, but at the same time, they know I'm new, so I'm expected to call my supervisors and ask a lot of dumb questions... And really, since I'm the one trying to fix things for these people, there really isn't much I can do to fuck it up, because they wouldn't be our company's cases if they weren't already a little fucked up to begin with.

It's sink or swim time baby.

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