Wednesday, March 07, 2007

OHHHH, You asked for it!

Well, I suppose when I originally got all excited about my job a few weeks ago, I probably got a little too excited a little bit too prematurely.

Before you all ask, no, I don't hate my job. Actually, I do still like my job quite a lot. But when I told you all a while ago that they were giving me cases and that it was sink or swim time, I SOOO wasn't kidding. Though at the time, even I had no concept of just how much my patience and fortitude would be tested right off the bat. (Even some senior staff members have said, "Oh, wow, they gave you some doozies right out of the gate, didn't they!?") I've got a couple of the most ridiculous cases, (and that assessment is coming from other people in my company, not just me!) I wish I could tell you all the gory details, but because of privacy laws and such, I can't. But suffice it to say that these folks are keeping me busy to the point of running me ragged. In fact, despite all of my efforts today, and running around trying to get things done, and trying to keep all the appropriate people in the proverbial loop, I only had about two hours of billable time with a client... And this is SOOOO not good, because it's company policy to try and have AT LEAST 4-6 billable hours in any given day, if not more... But Tuesday I had over 9, so it's all a very delicate balancing act.

The fact is that I think my very first statements about my job, (before I really knew anything) should be written off as "excited utterances" and thus, while they might be admissible in court, they don't necessarily carry the same weight. Because now that I know more about the job I'm doing, I know just how hard I'm going to have to work in order to get things done... Especially considering I don't now, or won't in the future, have the some of the most willing or compliant clientele.

It'll be interesting to say the least!

And finally, after several days of waiting, we have a picture of our brand new peanut!

Ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm happy hour welcome (as only you can) to the newest member of the Lizzle's crazed family, Mr. Keegan Ashton. Pictured below with his big brothers Brandon and Parker. (Parker is a total ham for the camera.) As Debbie refers to the young'uns in her family, these are a few of my meatballs!

In other news, I know that I promised that once I got my computer back that my commenting would increase... And I know for a fact it really hasn't. I blame my insane work schedule right now... So basically if you all decided to get mad that I wasn't reciprocating comments, and thus boycotted commenting here, it wouldn't surprise me in the least. I am genuinely hoping that in the coming days/weeks that my schedule will calm down a little bit, and that I will fall into a nice little groove, so that I can squeeze in my regularly scheduled blogging, blog reading, and commenting regimen! Please don't hate me! (Oh, and Brenda, please don't quit!) And know that I appreciate you. You are the most fabulous eggs ever, if for no other reason than you stop by and see what the hell my retarded ass is up to!

Thanks, y'all!

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