Monday, May 30, 2005

Damage control.

Damage control was supposed to be the overall idea for the day. The main line of thinking was just to get our racks into shoppable shape, and control damage that the customers did as much as possible... Instead, I managed to do some damage of my own... to myself... EARLY. (This did not set a positive tone for the rest of what turned out to be a rotten day.)

Picture it: Ciara and I are at work, it's about 9:30 - (Work literally began only half an hour before) and C and I are trying to get our carts to the front so that customers can shop off of them. C has a cart of hanging baskets or something and I am dragging a 1000 lb cart of seed geraniums. For some reason I stopped, and despite my best efforts, the cart did not stop... this means it kept rolling... rolling right into my achilles. Now when 1000 lbs of steel and live plants rolls into any part of the body, there is potential for injury... When it rolls into/over a body part as non-padded and sensitive as the achilles, injury is pretty much a certainty. (I have always hated geraniums... this just further fuels my disdain for them)

After lots of cursing and a few tears, we checked things out and while skin was only minimally broken, other damage had been done. Bruising and swelling ensue. Working the next 7.5 hours with this is not fun, let me assure you.

Fast forward to roughly 2:30, (in the meantime I have managed to hurt my hands and get a giant splinter,) and we recently returned from lunch and nature is calling... instead of watching me hobble through the store, C decides it would just be better to put me on a flatbed push cart and roll me to the ladies room... this is utterly humiliating, but I was more willing to be humiliated than to suffer the pain of hobbling over there myself (it is a considerable distance), so I let her push me. We definitely got some funny looks.

Shortly after our return from the facilities, we were definitely visited by Craig (My boss' boss) and I felt like a total tard for standing there watering when there was obviously a lot more that needed to be done... but, physically, watering was all I could manage without crying. He seemed fairly understanding about it though.

What a rotten day! (At least I got paid time and a half for it!)

None of this would've happened if I were in St. Maarten with Michael K.


Liz: "I am corrupt."
Doris: "No you aren't"
Liz: "Oh I am... I am a total deviant"
Doris: "Heck no... well maybe ...but in a good way!"

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