Saturday, May 14, 2005

Things worked out... as they have a tendency to do.

Ok, so I failed a final... which was not pretty. (It happened though, and there is nothing I can do about it though, so it ain't gonna ruin my day today. Why? Because I'm not gonna let it! I'm a graduating senior BITCHES!! Janet Nolan can take her "Diktat" and shove it right up her ass!)

But anyway, doing poorly on the final caused me to start drinking heavily beginning at about 4 PM...

Drinking heavily for 8 hours meant I was in no condition for work this morning, so I spent time recovering, and since it was sunny late in the day, I walked around looking for a new place of residence.

and guess what.


I actually happened upon a building that is managed by the same property management team I have now, so that makes things a little easier. And I talked to a girl who lives there now, and she seemed to like it, and I talked to a friend of mine who used to live in the building and she seemed to like it, so since I rather liked the unit I am applying to take on the lease.

Who'da thunk that being too hungover for work would pay off in the form of finding a place to live!?!? Not me! But that's exactly what happened! YAY!

Things worked out! And that's hot!


Jennie moved 98% of her stuff out of the apartment today, so the joint is pretty empty.

And I'll let you in on a little secret... all that empty space is downright SEXY. The empty hardwood floor of my living room, furnished only with a stereo would be ideal for slow dancing with a boy... any takers? Yeah didn't think so.


Apparently Grandma and her fractured hip are resting comfortably in the hospital, and she is due for a full hip replacement on Monday...


For future reference to anybody wanting to go out with me:

If you call me while I am sitting in a bar at 11:00 PM to ask me if I want to go to a party in Wheaton, the answer is going to be NO.

Simple fact.


I love Jen Mendez, but she sucks at the "let's get together, go out, and get drunk" game... She's going to have to do some VERY serious partying to redeem herself.


I was in Jewel today, and I was suddenly confronted with a large old woman, dressed like a gypsy, sitting in a wheelchair, singing Silent Night at the top of her lungs as she covered her ears... and nobody was talking to her, so I assume she was doing it to drown out the voices in her head... What a hot bitch!

City people are f-in' NUTS! But I LOVE IT HERE!


IU fired Mike Davis. (THANK GOD)


At the time of this post this is not well-known news just yet! Consider yourself an insider on that tip! (Wink wink)


You are such a sexy beast for reading this page!!!



"Well don't get me wrong here, I mean I pray! I pray before I go to bed every night. I pray for Heather Jo, I pray for Jamie, I pray for my mom and dad, I'm gonna start praying for Liz..."
~Butts (Nice to know I am an afterthought... but at least someone is now trying to redeem my immortal soul)

"I know I said studying is for jerks and lesbians, but I've gotta go do it, so right now it doesn't apply" ~Mendez.

"You think the producers looked at Wesley Snipes in this movie [To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything! ~Julie Newmar] and said 'That's the guy we have to cast as BLADE!'?" ~Justin

"This hat is AWESOME!" ~Waz (while rockin the mortarboard)

"Liz, you have a tiny little pea-head! I'm not saying you're stupid or anything, it's just that that hat is huge on you... you just have a really tiny pea-head!!!" ~Alana

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