Friday, May 13, 2005

Friday the 13th can jump in the lake...

(Forgive typo's I've been drinking since 4.)

I am not a fan of Friday the 13th.

I was not superstitious about this date until today...

I studied a lot for my history final. Honestly, I did. But despite my efforts, things did not go well.

Let's start things off with the fact that before my history final I fell down some stairs... I caught myself before I fell very far, but I fell, and that's lame. While I was falling, I broke my sandal. These were not expensive sandals, but they were NEW, so I was kinda pissed.

I got into my final, and despite all the effort I had put into studying, I think I failed it miserably. (I only needed a D to pass for the semester, but this test was RIDICULOUS, I kid you not!) I was in this class with Tiggles, and she was pursuing a history minor... if she does as poorly on this final as I think I did (and she thinks she did) she will have to drop her minor, IT WAS THAT BAD.

Shay wanted to stop in and read the blog and find optimism... Well you know what, I temper my realism with alcohol, so if you wanna call my drunken blatherings optimism, you go right ahead.

I have been drinking since the final let out at 4. I plan on continuous drinking throughout the evening. (I drink to celebrate the end of my official college career, and in admission of defeat because now, I will likely be in a history class this summer! What a load of crap.)

My grandma also fell and broke her hip yesterday, and she laid on the floor of her bedroom for 12 hours before my Uncle Jim found her... I found out about that as I was leaving my failed final... Which makes today THAT MUCH more special.

In the words of Paris Hilton, today was "SO HOT"

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