Sunday, May 15, 2005

A tired punkin.

I got up early to sling flowers. I am now a tired punkin.


Nate gave me a flower at work today! AWWWW, So sweet! (Picture below) What a nice boss he is!


My art history 2 grade was significantly lower than I thought it should be... so I e-mailed the professor to see what the heck was going on, and you know what? She told me she never got my final paper!! Now for those of you who know I spent a whole weekend cooped (Sp?) up in this apartment, you know I bloody wrote that paper! AND IT WAS DONE ON TIME!!!

I e-mailed her back to let her know that I did turn it in, but it was likely with my paper for Art History 1. (As I saw no need for a return trip since I was already there) And I attached the paper electronically to the e-mail... Keep your fingers crossed that Marilyn gets it and counts it, otherwise you're going to have one very pissed Lizzle-cake... I think it'll be ok though.


"The water pressure here sucks! To be honest I think I pee harder than that thing sprays!" ~Nate

Nate: "We're gonna need 2 tarps to cover this"
Liz: "I think we can manage with just one."
(We only needed one)
Nate: "Well that was magnificent."
Liz: "And we only needed one tarp!"
Nate: "You were right... I was wrong."
Liz: "Did I just hear a boy admit he was wrong, and I was right?"
Nate: "Yeah, and I only admit to being wrong about 3 times a year, so consider yourself very lucky."
Liz: "Wow, Nate, you give me a flower and tell me you were wrong both in the same day... That's on par with my best relationship ever, and we're not even dating!"
Nate: "That's why... I could only do those things BECAUSE we're not dating."

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