Sunday, May 29, 2005


My apologies to my party guests.

I came home from work and sat on my bed with the intention of closing my eyes for a few minutes before having a shower and getting ready for the evening's festivities, and the next thing I know it's 11:30. I slept through my own party. (This makes me either totally lame, or one very hot bitch! ...You decide.)

A special apology goes out to Meljoy who called a total of 8 times during my nap to find out where the hell I was... (Phone was in a jacket pocket in the other room, it didn't wake me!) I still owe you drinks, and I will repay the debt very soon!


Work is carrying on as usual, although business seems a little light considering it is Memorial Day weekend... but I won't complain, as fewer customers means fewer people to clean up after.

I have a theory that I have devloped on the job, and that is that bad shoppers are the products of bad parenting. (My flower-slinging coworkers have heard this theory, so feel free to skip if you already know about this)

Anyway, for the rest of you, here is why bad parenting is the reason for my work-day misery; When you were a little kid, and you played with a toy, and then finished playing with it, or got something off the shelf at the grocery store, and your parents didn't want that item, what did you do with it? If you are the product of good parenting you said "I put it back where I found it." Home Depot customers are all products of bad homes apparently because they seem unable to wrap their feeble minds around the concept of replacing an item to it's origins... seriously, it only takes a few seconds. I'm not asking you to carry a hippopotamus on your shoulders, or anything of similar stressful effort... I'm just asking you to walk those extra four steps and put the damn petunias you picked up back with the other petunias, rather than lazily dropping them amongst the begonias. Lousy bums.


Liz: "I saw Warren and his boyfriend today!"
Dana: "Oh, and how's the boyfriend? Big tough guy?"
Liz: "He was more feminine than Warren, but adorable."
Dana: "So based on what I know about Warren, nobody really 'wears the pants' in that relationship... and if anything, someone is just wearing coullottes."

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