Saturday, May 21, 2005

Well, it's official... kinda.

Yeah, you got that right kids, Liz is a college graduate.

Of the ceremony, I will say this: I enjoyed it... with the exception of our student speaker... she was RUBBISH! Now, granted, it does take a little courage to get up in front of a few thousand people and give a speech... but this was insufferable! The poor girl tried to tie WAAAAY too many unrelated points together, struggled through some tough phrases as though she didn't know how to read, and became quite a repeater when she found herself stumbling... it was like being forced to watch/listen to a severe car wreck... NOT PRETTY! (I felt kinda bad for her... but not so bad that I didn't make crass remarks to the people around me as she was fumbling along... because as we've established, I AM AN ASSHOLE.)

The rest of the ceremony was very nice. (And when I shook the hand of the president of the university, do you know what he had to say to me? - Fr. Michael Garanzini:"Isn't this COOL?!?" to which I promptly replied "YEAH!" ...I am such a geek.)

Since they mail us the real diplomas in August, despite being done, it's only kinda official. I appreciated that they inserted a nice little letter welcoming us to the alumni association... that introduction is handy considering they will be asking us for more money very soon.

After graduation I had dinner with my dad, step-mom, and little sister, came home and took pictures of my neighbor Anthony, and then went out for some serious celebratory drinking! (As you can see in the pictures below.)

I was the only one in the Wrigleyville and Lincoln Park bars who had a 54 year old mother in tow, but hey, when your friends like your mom, and mom can hang, it's really not as bad as you might imagine! I actually thought it was kinda funny. And we all had a good time downing drinks and dancing... what more could you ask for!?!

Well, I am off to amuse myself for the rest of the weekend! You kids be good and we'll chat later!

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