Friday, May 27, 2005

Ode to a blue-eyed boy...

Ok, this is not so much and ode to the boy, but a proclaimation of "DAYUM!"

That poetry class I mentioned to you kids a couple posts back, has a very cute boy in it.

He was not in the class on Tueday. He sauntered in late today.

He has very pretty blue eyes...

I think I'm gonna like this class.


I've noticed lately that while my cursing habit has lessened, it has been replaced by an increased number of lude remarks. I am aware that I spout lude remarks with great ease and regularity anyway, but these are frequent and bad even by my standards!


As I waited for the train on the el platform, some lecherous old man looked at me and said, "You're a cutie!" He then gave me an unsavory once-over and mumbled something to himself... I was kinda creeped out by that. - Just thought I'd mention it so that when my male readers become older men themselves they realize that this technique is creepy rather than attractive.


(We've been really hurting for quotes lately... fortunately in the last day or so we've had a few winners!)


"I think I was switched at birth... I'm really royalty... I'm far too delicate to be a commoner... Somewhere there is a royal family with a commoner child, and they keep wondering why he has bad skin and back fat." ~Michael K. on being a royal baby switched at birth, forced from his rightful position in life.

"Walt Whitman? Oh, yeah he was as gay as a tea party... What? They didn't teach you that in high school? ...Talk about deficiencies in the educational system!" ~ Sherrie

Liz: [Impressive, although disgusting, loud/long belch] "Wow! Excuse me! I don't know where that came from, kinda snuck up on me!"
Nate: "Was that what I think it was?"
Liz: "Yeah, sorry about that!! REALLY!!"
Nate: Sorry, nothin! If I were over there I'd give you a high five for that one!"

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