Tuesday, April 24, 2007

God bless my mother...

I was talking to my mom this evening, and she informed me of something that I found quite delightful!

She informed me that in my upcoming move she will be hiring movers to relocate all of my crap.

"What? How much is that going to cost you?"

"It doesn't matter. You've done it enough. I don't think you should have to do it again, so I'm getting someone else to do it!"

"Really? You're going to hire people to move the crap I've already moved like 6 times? I mean I know I can do it. It will suck like always, but I can do it."

"Nope. You're not going to have to do it. If I hire guys to get it in the door at your new place, you can set it up, right?"

"Well yeah. I've done that every time I've moved too... I've just always done it IN ADDITION to moving it myself."

"Well, now you don't have to move it, you just have to set it up."

"Wow! Thanks momma!"

"Don't mention it, I know a guy. He owes me a favor... Actually, he owes me a FEW favors."

So basically, my mom is the hotness... At the end of the conversation she sounded like a member of the Corleone family, but I'm not going to argue with her either way.

In other news, my office recently received the paperwork on a DCS (department of child services, for those of you not in the know) case that was recently billed on the local news as "The worst case of abuse or neglect ever seen by local officials."

To work in the trenches like my coworkers and I do, it's utterly terrifying to hear someone say, "We just got the call on that case..."

"Which case?"

"The one that DCS called the worst ever seen locally."

"Oh... ...Shit... Who got it?"

"Um, the new guy."

"They assigned the 'worst case ever' to the new guy? ARE YOU SERIOUS? We're going to scare the bejesus out of him! He'll quit before he gets his first check!"

"Nah, he's already gotten his first check... But in addition to that paycheck, he's also got availability. So he got it."

"Jesus! ...What's the name on that case again?"


"Ok, mental note to self, don't EVER volunteer to cover that case!"

"No kidding."

Though, I will say that my first caseload was regarded as nightmarish by many veteran workers, (including one worker who has been doing my job for EIGHT YEARS who handled ONE of my visits and instantly said that she would NEVER do a visit on that case EVER again,) and although I have good days and bad, and I have days when I would much rather just ignore every phone call I get, and not deal with my clients, all in all I am glad now that I got the cases I got right off the bat. Some people might think I'm absolutely insane for saying that, but I think that there is something to the whole "trial by fire" thing. And that's why people in my office who have been doing my job for years look at me as a fellow veteran among them.

Yeah, they love me over there.

Basically, I think the new people having availability to do the new nasty cases that come in affords the office a chance to test your skills straight out of the gate and know very quickly whether or not you can take the heat. It's interesting to say the least.

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