Tuesday, April 24, 2007

We bond quickly...

I was talking to Sheree, a co-worker who started working at my office about 3 weeks after I started, and she said something that amused me immensely.

Every week we have a staff meeting on Tuesday morning. We usually wrap up the meeting around 11:30, and most of us try to set up our schedules so that several of us go to lunch together. The lunches are always HIGHLY entertaining. We exchange horror stories about our cases, we rip on each other, we enjoy each other's company, and of course we have a lovely meal.

While on the way to our weekly lunch, I was talking to Sheree, she mentioned that her husband was saying that he missed her since she was now working a lot of odd hours, and that he didn't ever get to see her anymore. She said that he jokingly said he was considering leaving her because she was never around anymore. She informed me that her reply was "Eh, go ahead. I enjoy spending time with all my new friends anyway."

I was amused. The irony of breaking up a marriage while reuiniting families was not lost on me. But hey, at least we all feel like a part of a family at the office... We're a little dysfunctional and occassionally crude, but dammit we're fun.

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