Sunday, April 08, 2007

Monthly reports wiped me the hell out!

In my letter to my job, you all read that I had monthly reports due this week... They were due by Thursday at noon. But of course, I didn't have a solid due date for them until late Tuesday. And so I worked on them. And I worked on them... And when I figured I was almost done, and could go to bed and wrap them up the next morning, I found, much to my dismay that my body would not allow me to sleep until the beast had been totally slain, rather than merely severly debilitated. (Don't you hate it when you can't sleep despite exhaustion, because you know you've still got something to finish up?)

So I was up until 2 finishing the monthly reports. And then I was up at 6 to get other things accomplished so that the rest of my week would not make me want to tear my hair out. Well, I still wanted to tear my hair out, but only because nobody else was cooperating to make my life any easier.

And then I worked a 12 hour day... And my dad came into town and wanted to grab a drink with my brother and I. Well, my brother didn't get off of work until 11:15, so I was responsible for keeping up my end of the conversation until he arrived. And once he showed up, well I just HAD to have one round with my brother... and then the waitress mistakenly thought I ordered another and brought it to the table...

I got home at 12:45.


I woke up at 9:17.

(12:45 to 9:17 doesn't sound all that bad, but let's keep in mind the sleep debt that I'm working with at this point.)

I wigged out because my alarm was supposed to go off at 9 and didn't. (I had to start working at 9:30 SHARP...) CRAP.

Typical really.

I went to work, worked all day, and had every intention of going over to see my aunt and uncle who are in town for Easter weekend... But I was pooped. When I wrapped up my day, I thought, "Oh, I'll just lay down for an hour... I'll get over to see the fam at about 6:30, spend a few hours with them, and then come home and go to bed.

And then one hour turned into seven.

And I didn't make it over to see the fam.

I'll have to spend a large part of my Sunday doing paperwork that managed to get away from me this week whilst I was tackling my monthly reports... Fun, I know! Monday will be spent getting schedules together to arrange for my weekly appointments, trying to get my house in order, because at the moment, I'm still living out of boxes and bags, and the all important laundry. And then Tuesday, it's up at the ass crack of dawn to do it all over again for another week! You may feel free to display your envy.

But at least I'm getting out there, right?

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