Thursday, April 12, 2007

My nephew, the next notorious serial killer... and other things

I went to breakfast with my sister this morning. While sitting at the table, enjoying my pancakes, I look up in time to see my youngest nephew, Cody (age 2) stab an old woman walking by with a fork.

There was never any indicator that he was going to do this, he was just holding his fork, enjoying his own breakfast, and right as she passed by, BAM, he turned it on her! The old woman thought it was cute. And of course he giggled like it was HILARIOUS... My sister and I saw something far more sinister! Before you know it he's going to be tormenting neighborhood animals, and from there it's only a few short steps to him becoming a giggling birthday clown who is having his basement excavated by the feds because that was where he disposed of his victims, a la John Wayne Gacy.

If it doesn't turn out that way, then great! But if it does, I want it noted that I SOOOOOO called it!

In other news, yesterday was another sister's birthday. I called her, and in all likelihood, I will be travelling down to her KIM-stravaganza this weekend.

I have little else to report at the moment... And so I will pull a Lozo, and in lieu of text, I will provide you with an entertaining video.

And after watching this, there should really be no doubt as to why Lindsay Lohan is currently in Japan... Clearly they have some good stuff there!

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