Thursday, June 22, 2006

You obviously don't know who you're dealing with...

Here's how it is.

Like everyone else, I have good days and bad days. This morning, despite THE GROSSEST of GROSS humidity ever, was a good morning. The newest shipment of summer plants came in, and was mostly set up by the time I got in, and after about an hour of filling in the empty spots on the display tables, an order of plants from another company came in. This other company is a little funny about leaving their racks at the store so that the customers can shop off of them... And by funny about it, I mean they don't do it. Which means the customers are either shopping off the ground in an area that is not set up for shoppers, or the stuff sits in the sun on the side of the building where it bakes all damn day. So we just shift them onto our racks so that the customers can shop off of them. Shifting the items from the racks that don't stay to racks belonging to my company, while not difficult, is time consuming. So we spent about 45 minutes to an hour working on that.

It should be noted that it took 45 minutes to an hour utilizing the efforts of 4 people, and once we filled up our racks we had to move them into a shoppable area. This of course means that we have to shift the racks that are already in place to accomodate the new stuff... And we do this rain or shine, heat and humidity, while customers are shopping, and by shopping, I mean harassing us for stupid bullshit while we're clearly busy.

Now like I said before, it was humid as all hell, and we were busy with the new merchandise coming in, it was still a good morning. And despite the fact that I was busy with racks, I repeatedly answered questions like this:

Customer #1: Excuse me, how much is this hanging basket?
Me: $3.99
Customer #2: REALLY?
Me: Yep. $3.99... REALLY.
Customer #1: And what about this one?
Me: They are ALL $3.99.
Customer #2: That's a great deal! WOW!
Customer #1: And what about this one? Is this one $3.99 too?
Me: Yes. They are ALL $3.99
[I go back to moving two 800 lb racks.]
Customer #2: Excuse me... If you're not too busy, but how much is this one?
Me: Ma'am, that one is $3.99 too. Just like all of them on the racks marked $3.99.

A little while later an order of vegetables comes in. As I am moving the vegetables into the right area Customer #2 approaches me again and we have the following exchange:

Customer #2: UMM, EX-CUH-UUUUUSE ME, where are the delphiniums?
Me: I have no idea. I only work for the annual company.
C #2: WHAT? You don't know?
Me: No. I work for the annual company. I only know the annuals. Delphiniums are not from my company. You'd have to talk to someone who knows about perrennials. Linda could help you. She's over there.
C #2: Is she from the perrennial company?
Me: No. She works for the store. There isn't anyone from the perrennial company here today.
C #2: So YOOOOOOOUUU don't know anything. NOBODY from the perrennial company is here! What am I supposed to do?
Me: Ma'am, I already mentioned that you could talk to Linda, she works for the store, and she would know where to find everything.
C #2:[please note that the following is DRIPPING with sarcasm] YEAH... SURE... Well is there a reason you're just so nice?
C #2: I guess you're just having a bad day?
Me: EXCUSE ME??? (Please note that I said "Excuse me??" but I was thinking, "Well, no, I was having a good day until you came along, and if you want to know about a bad day, I'll punch you in the face and show you a bad day.")
C #2: I don't need this. I'm leaving.

Clearly this bitch didn't know who she was talking to... and if she hadn't had a small child in the cart with her, I would have dished out a few choice words, because after all, I just work for the annual company. And apparently I don't know anything.

But one thing I do know is that all of you will vouch for me when I say I. WILL. SHANK. A. BITCH.

After this slut left, I went on to have a perfectly lovely and productive day. And that is all.

Here endeth the work rant.

Sorry, I just had to get that out.

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