Monday, June 12, 2006

Please don't hate me...

I realize that a lot of my recent posts have been very negative and whiny.

I don't like being that girl. If I'm that girl, I might as well be wearing a pink baseball cap for a team that looks like it has an inviting bandwagon, drinking wine coolers, and bitching that my manicurist took a day off when I wanted to get my nails done.

I REALLY don't want to be that girl. REALLY... Like a whole lot.

Next thing you know I'm going to turn into a Lincoln Park Trixie and I'll be Chad hunting before you know it. (For those of you not familiar with Trixies and Chads, they are the WORST of the Chicago yuppies, and of course, as a yummie, I despise them... To learn more, you will have to visit the Lincoln Park Chad Society page, as the Lincoln Park Trixie page is getting a bikini wax and a facial at Elizabeth Arden or something.)

If I turn into one of those Trixie pods, someone needs to fly to Chicago and promptly end my life. If you're worried about the cost of plane fare, don't be. I'll be dead, so you will have no encumberance to hinder you from looting my apartment... And I've got some pretty rad stuff if I do say so myself. (Just leave those black and blue Charles David croc mules that I love so much... I'd like to be buried in those if it's all the same to you.)

Anyway I'll quit boring you now. Have a fun day at work my angels! I'll try not to be such a miserable stinker in the future.

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