Friday, February 02, 2007

I bid you all a delightful weekend...

I don't know what this weekend will hold for any of us, but if you're anything like me (or the bulk of Americans) you'll be watching the Superbowl on Sunday evening. (If only for the commercials in some of your cases.)

I'm going to say that while there is no doubting my dedication as a Bears fan, the Colts will in all likelihood win it. (It's simply a matter of quarterbacking at this point.) Now the real fun will be to see just who shows up and decides to leave it all on the field... That and that alone will dictate the excitement level of this game. (And while I'm pretty damned sure about the outcome, I am still REALLY REALLY excited to see the game!)

Other than that, I have nothing new to report. I am a total bore. My sincerest apologies. I haven't even done anything that will translate into a few more acres in hell lately! And that was an everyday occurrence there for a while. (Although I suppose plotting the death of the bad drivers and my familial interrogator around here might qualify... But plotting and action are actually quite far apart on the acreage scale... I think I might have only purchased an easement of a few feet on the plotting alone.)

Ugh... I'll stop boring you now. I really don't know what keeps you all coming back here!

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