Sunday, February 25, 2007

I SWEAR I was at work!

I'll start things off by noting that I like my job, I really do... And aside from seeing the indifference some people feel for their kids, having to go into homes that are VASTLY beyond just being dirty and smelly, and lots of tedious documentation and paperwork which is necessary, I think a lot of what I do will be very enjoyable and highly rewarding. And I can already tell you that I work with some great people.

That being said, I hate to say it, but I'm already using work as an alibi and my co-workers as witnesses.

I was out, shadowing Julie (who is probably already my favorite co-worker) on some of her cases, and Julie can tell you that I didn't leave her sight long enough for me to be responsible...

Responsible for what, you might ask.

Well... Grandpa fell.

What happened was that he threw a towel down to the bottom of the basement stairs, just outside the laundry room door. As it turns out, he didn't throw it quite far enough, because part of it was still on the last step. Later in the afternoon, grandpa decided he needed something from the basement. (We don't know what it was, and we don't ask.) But as he went down the stairs, and stepped on the last step, he tripped on the towel that he threw down in the morning, and he fell. To most people, only falling off the bottom step would be ok, because you're not really falling all that far, but it's different when you're 86, and your reflexes aren't what they used to be.

So Grandpa bit it pretty hard, though all things considered not nearly as hard as he could have.

He split open his eyebrow, needed 5 or 6 stitches, and he's a little bruised. Not at all bad when you consider that he could have broken a hip, thrown a clot while laying at the foot of the stairs, and ended up having a stroke or a heart attack which could have meant his end. (And no, I don't wish this on him, or on anyone else for that matter, I'm just saying it could have happened and that we're glad it didn't go down like that.)

So when mom gets home, finds him covered in blood, and takes him to see a doctor, and the nurse asks her how this all happened, what did he say?

"She pushed me."

This is SO NOT FUNNY. My mom was out having her taxes done, and I was out working with Julie, so he was home alone... He was joking, but all humor was lost on everyone else in the room. It was also lost on me when I got home and hear all of this, because knowing the position I now have, and the responsibility to report anything like that which anyone might say, no matter if they say it jokingly or not, I didn't see ANY kind of humor at all.

And then a few minutes later, after I'd had a chance to process this, I began cracking up. I found the situation utterly hilarious, because I had an alibi... If it had all gone down the same time a week before, I'd have been home, I'd have been the prime suspect... I laughed incredibly hard because I knew I was nowhere near the scene of the accident!

But yeah, there's been a little drama around here.

In related news, Grandpa doesn't approve of what I do for a living. But more on that topic later!

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