Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lots to say, and more to do...

I didn't post yesterday for several reasons, not the least of which was that by the time I got home from running errands ALL DAY, I was a tired panda! So I went to bed. Another thing was that I was still irate about the outcome of one particular errand, and I didn't want to go off half-cocked... I wanted to make sure I was loaded for bear on this one, but more on that in a second.

I'm sure more of you are interested in my first day at the new job than you are about reading my ranting... although I have repeatedly heard that some of you just LOVE the rants, so there are a few cases where the rant is of more critical importance than the job news... either way, we'll get to both.

Moving through events chronologically, I suppose the rant should come first. So let's just jump right into it.

Two weeks ago (as of Monday) I took my computer in for the minor fixes it needed. Like I noted before, there was nothing major wrong with it, and if I were a fully operational service center, it would probably take me all of 10 minutes to quickly repair everything, as they are problems easily fixed with a couple of screws, and the necessary parts... But since I'm not a service center, and I don't have the parts, and that bad boy is still under a comprehensive warranty, I let the professionals do it for free. When I dropped it off, I was told it would be 10 days to 2 weeks. This was expected. Not pleasant when it leaves me with dial up, but expected nonetheless. And since Monday, despite being a holiday, was the official 2 week mark, and I hadn't heard anything, I figured I'd go ahead and stop in to check and see when things would be ready for pick up... The answer to my query did not please me at all... No. NOT. AT. ALL.

Me: "Yeah, here's the info sheet you need, I'd like to know when to pick up my computer."

Tech Nerd: "Umm... It looks like the service center only got it today."

Me: "EX-CUH-USSSSSE ME? How the hell is that possible? I brought it in TWO WEEKS AGO!"

Tech Nerd: "Well, it looks like someone screwed up the paperwork when you initially gave it to us, and nobody noticed it until it got to the service center, and once they noticed it, they sent it back saying that they couldn't fix it until the paperwork was accurate. So we corrected the paperwork, and sent it back to them, and they just got it today."

Me: "They just got it today... So are they working on it today, or what?"

Tech Nerd: "No, there's a seven to ten day wait from the day they get it to the day they actually work on it."

Me: [VISIBLY IRRITATED at this point] "WAIT, so basically what you're telling me is that I have to wait ANOTHER two weeks to get my computer back because someone here is incompetent at the job they are paid to do?"

TN: "Yeah."

Me: "I need this computer for work. Which is why I brought it in two weeks ago. Is there any kind of a loaner that you can give me, since it was your error and not mine?"

TN: "Umm, no. We don't do that here."

Me: "Is there any way that we can put some kind of a rush order on my computer?"

TN: "No. If there were such a thing as a rush order here, EVERYBODY would want it so that they could jump the line."

Me: "Yeah, but I've waited the two weeks already, and nobody called to tell me that you all messed up, so I was not informed that there would be an additional delay... Are you telling me that this is MY fault?"

TN: "No, it's not your fault, but I'm telling you that there is nothing we can do."

Me: "Is there anyone else I could speak to who WOULD be able to do anything."

TN: "There's a manager, but he can't do anything about this either."

Me: "Marvelous..."

TN: "Sorry."

Me: "I know it wasn't YOUR fault, so I don't mean to 'shoot the messenger' on this, but this is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS... You know that, right?"

TN: "Yeah. Sorry."

Me: "I'll be placing a few calls and writing a strongly worded complaint to the general management, because this is just... BEYOND gross incompetence."

TN: "Well, here's the information to do that. I'm sorry for the delay."

Me: "I accept your apology, even though it does me NO GOOD when I have to explain to my boss why I don't have the computer I'm SUPPOSED to have in order to do my job. Have a nice day."

TN: "You too ma'am."

So I will be forced to suffer the slings and arrows of dial up for another two weeks. Please don't be mad at me for not commenting on your posts! I assure you that I am still reading, and I will try very hard to comment as much as I can, but it seriously takes like 5 minutes for a comment window to load here, and my patience is already worn thin as it is.

I just don't understand why I am constantly penalized for the idiocy of others. I mean, I do appreciate that other people have problems too, and I know the adage that "into each life a little rain must fall" but I'm WAAAAAAAAAAAAY overdue for a SEEEEEERRRRIOUS stretch of good fortune. I wish I had some way of finding out if I'm just getting all of the unfortunate debacles out of the way now so that the rest of my life is a cake walk... (For the record on that point, I am dubious.)

Moving on.

Last night I found out that my oldest sister was in town. She wanted to take me out to dinner. We went to Texas Roadhouse, and it was marvelous... What made it even more marvelous was the fact that in this town, since there are no REAL, ACCEPTABLE bars here, the restaurants run really sweet drink specials... Mondays at Texas Roadhouse = 99 cent margaritas. (This pleased me immensely, although I couldn't drink to my heart's content, because I knew I'd have to get up for my first day on the job today.)

But while I was out with my sister, she informed me that a family friend, (one whom I view as more of a half-brother or a close cousin rather than just a friend) has been nominated as the "HOTTEST GEEK in Louisville." He was not only nominated, he has made it into the finals. And in the finals, his only competition is a girl who attends the same preppy high school as my little sister. This girl cannot win! In fact, she must be crushed. And so, I am doing my part to ensure that Cole takes home the title. As a result, I am asking you to not only go here, and vote for Cole, but if you are so inclined, please ask all of the people you know to participate and do the same!

And here is a personal plea from the HOTTEST GEEK himself!

Alright, the votes are in for round one, and the person sending you this
email is in the top two. I hate to bother you all again, but go to
http://www.themaxfm.com/PhotoWall.asp?id=26734 and vote for
Cole for phase 2. Now it is between Megan and I.

I can’t lose to a HS girl people. My ego is a delicate, quick (pointy at
parts,) flower. And so we must crush her dreams of taking my title. On the
upside, this should be the last phase. I can’t imagine them prolonging it much
more, so the next email should be of my ever impressive

Hope your weekends went well.

Thanks again


I beg you to take a few minutes and ensure my dear friend's superiority in the land of geekdom. (He'd vote for you!)

So after learning of this, and deciding to disseminate the news as far as I could, I went home and went to bed so that I might be well rested for my first day at work.

Let me tell you that no matter how much sleep I might have gotten, it wasn't enough. I am pooped! Day one was BUSY... I've been tested for drugs. I've been tested for TB, I've been finger printed, I've been asked for my driver's license 8 separate times, I've had my background checked, I've had my license run for outstanding warrants. I have done paperwork, I have learned about my insurance and benefits package, I have demonstrated the installation of three different kinds of car seats, I have been to meetings on client coverage, and client violence... It's been a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG day. But it was good, and I think I'll enjoy the job. I made it out alive, and I'm feeling good about going back tomorrow!

I'll give you more stories and details from the first day some other time when I'm not quite so near to needing some kind of adhesive to keep my eyelids in the "UP" position.

I love you eggs!

Please be good, and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can!

(And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for Cole!!)

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