Monday, February 05, 2007

Picture pages... Delayed edition.

We all know that the vast majority of the things I own are packed in boxes resting comfortably in the basement of my mom's old house... Well, just for you kids, I dug out the stuff I needed to post pictures. These are a few from my last weekend in Chicago, and my camping trip on my first weekend away from the city. Enjoy!

Mel must have said something that had Pat all blushingly incredulous.

Lonnie and Lady Fanny of Omaha looking hot.

The one, the only, NACHO!

If she still worked there, I've got little doubt that Lady Fanny of Omaha would have been the prime suspect in some kind of sexual harassment suit.

Sean seems to be suffering from a little heartburn, or a good chuckle, I can't tell.

No better way to finish off the night than with a canned Hamm!

Lonnie is the hotness. No contest.

Well, maybe we rushed to judgement on that statement...


And after I spent a few days packing, moving, unpacking, and being generally over-emotional, I went camping out it in the middle of NOWHERE!

Someone thought it would be a good idea to purchase this DAY-GLOW highlighter yellow hat... For the record, I disagree.

This is the view of the little pond from the cabin.

Yup, there's no doubt about it, we were out amongst the country folk!

Shannon thought trying on the DAY-GLOW highlighter yellow hat would be fun... Again, for the record, I disagree.

I told you all that it was karaoke night! Here's the song catalogue to prove it!

This is where my toes go: By the stove in the cabin in the middle of NOWHERE!

Shannon and Eric, AWWW.

If you've stuck around acting like you give a crap for this long, I give you credit... I'm pretty sure I even bored myself to sleep with this post!

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