Thursday, February 22, 2007

I lost the race...

Knowing how close my cousin was to delivering her baby, and hearing about her repeated false labor, and the doctors reporting that the baby is in position, and that she is so far dialated, etc, and also knowing that Debbie's sister was trying to prolong her pregnancy as much as possible for the health of her baby, I was mentally racing Debbie, to see which of our expectant-mother relatives crossed the finish line first... Well, Debbie won. She has a beautiful little nephew now, (and you can follow that link and go see pictures) and my poor cousin had a round of active labor which suddenly stopped at 3 AM, and so the doctors sent her home. So still no baby. BOOO!

Today was another busy day for the Lizzle though. I was actually out in the field as opposed to being stuck in the office doing paperwork today! And while I'm still learning the rules, and I don't want to break any kind of confidentiality, I will say something about my experiences... And that even in the two days I've done this, I am already feeling like I have no right to complain about my life, because I've already met many people who have it a hell of a lot worse than I do.

I know it's human nature to complain about one's own situation no matter how good you might have it, but I think this job is going to rather rapidly teach me just how good I've had it all my life. Which goes back to that whole "personal growth" thing... And how the learning curve is more than a little accelerated when you're not in what you consider to be an ideal situation. (And while I know it's good for me, and that the job is not only valuable to me as a resume feature, and valuable to the community as a service I provide, I have to say I REALLY HATE constantly having to learn all my lessons this way! But I suppose if you're going to have a rough time of it, you might as well get something out of it.)

The update on grandpa, for those of you who are so worried about his old ass, is that he is still alive, still cantankerous, and that I have far fewer urges to kill him now that I only see him for about an hour every day before he goes to bed... It's kind of nice. (Nice for him, because he doesn't have to worry about dying at the hands of a relative, and nice for me, because I didn't like being the grumpy person who wants to bump off an old geezer.) There are still moments of interrogation when I still get a little twinge... You know the kind of twinge when you're dealing with someone who just generally rubs you the wrong way, and you might not want to kill them per se, but you certainly wouldn't mind something like, say, punching them in the face. (But given the time limitations on our relationship now that I have a job that requires odd hours, the twinges are fewer and a greatly reduced in the level of imagined violence, which, let's face it is a better alternative to imagined homicide.)

I'll let you know when I have something of more interest. I'm sorry if I'm boring you with this stuff, but it's all I can muster at the moment, because I am tired, and I don't want to over-step any kind of boundaries with the new job by posting information I shouldn't, and let's face it, when you have all day to sit around and formulate a post because you're waiting on a call-back about being hired, odds are the writing is going to be quite a bit better than if you've been running yourself silly dealing with other people's problems all day long. Please judge me using a sliding scale, and be gentle. (Because, like Cole, my ego is a delicate flower!)

Be good eggs today!



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