Sunday, February 11, 2007

Living with someone who is loco...

Ok, so we've established that my grandfather is old... REALLY OLD.

And we've established that he is in all likelihood losing it.

And now I know why old people like watching PBS. Namely, PBS re-airs the same tired episodes of the same tired shows week after week. (To old people it all seems so new and different, because they are losing their grip on reality, and can't be convinced that it is a rerun.) In this particular case, Grandpa was watching a professional dance competition that was aired in the exact same time slot last week as it was this week. Same dancers, same routines, same outfits, same outcome... They literally re-aired last week's episode this week. Grandpa's assessment, "Well these dancers aren't nearly as good as the ones they had on last week." Of course, to rational people they are 100% as good as the dancers last week, because THEY ARE THE SAME DANCERS AS LAST WEEK! We are watching a re-airing of the same episode. Of course, if you mention that FACT to grandpa, he's going to argue with you. Just like he argues with me over the fact that he thinks people only paid $600 to get into the Superbowl... Even though there was evidence documented in the local newspaper stating that people had paid upwards of $7,000 to get into the Superbowl. Evidence which was shown to him. And still he denied it. (I try to figure out where he's getting his information from, but that only makes things worse.)

Tonight we also got into a verbal disagreement when the local news aired Obama's announcement that he would pursue a the Democratic Whitehouse bid in 2008. I casually mentioned that I would vote for him, and I was promptly told that I was an idiot. I mentioned to him that I voted for Obama when he ran for the Illinois Senate seat. "Oh, well, then you were an idiot then too," was his reply. When I mentioned that he was running against the clearly insane Alan Keyes for the position, and I gave sound reasoning for casting my vote the way I did, I was still obviously regarded as an imbecile. Lovely.

This of course comes from a man who insists that the shower curtain in the bathroom be drawn together in the middle of the shower when it is not in use because, "If someone should sneak into the house and hide in the bathroom, if the shower curtain were gathered on one side or the other, that person could hide behind it... but if it's out in the middle, you can see him!" Great.

This is my life. I live with one person who is so irrational and argumentative about any and every little thing that goes on that I want to strangle him, and one person who basically keeps me from actively doing so. In the succinct words of Dwayne from Little Miss Sunshine, "Welcome to HELL." That about sums it up.

This reminds me, I'm going to need to buy more vodka...

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