Wednesday, February 28, 2007

You should probably go take a nap...

At least having a nice little power nap would be more interesting than reading this post...

I'm pretty damn boring right now.

The highlight of my day was finding out that it should only be another day or two before I get my computer back. Yeah. The highlight wasn't even something as big as actually GETTING my computer back, just merely checking on it and finding out that it would only be another couple of days, that's the bright spot... Pathetic, I know.

In other boring Lizzle news, there is still no baby, and grandpa got mad at me because I didn't drink coffee or eat eggs for breakfast the last couple of days. To rational people, the explanation is simple. I don't always have time to cook eggs in the morning before dashing off to work, and the morning that I didn't drink the coffee? Well, I was nursing a MEAN hangover, because I just can't drink the way I used to anymore, and the thought of spending part of the morning after imbibing a hot beverage laden with a few tablespoons full of nasty coffee grounds made my stomach turn. (And to be honest, I haven't been drinking his coffee for weeks anyway. I've been dumping it down the sink because he doesn't make good coffee... And in my focus to rid myself of my hangover headache, I simply forgot to dump the coffee that day. Damn it all to hell.)

Oh, yeah, I had a hangover. And to be honest I didn't even get all that drunk. It was BEYOND pathetic... Especially for me! ME! The former bartender, and champion drinker/4 A.M. bar closer extraordinaire. I'm not old enough to use my age as an excuse. I have no excuse. I am just pathetic. I'm going to have to remedy this problem by upping my intake of alcoholic beverages gradually on consecutive nights to build up my tolerance again. I feel like such an amateur having a hangover that bad from a couple buckets of beer with my brother. I mean to have a hangover that bad, I had better have pissed myself in an unconscious stupor, or at least fallen down and sustained some substantial bodily bruising. But I didn't! I wasn't even seeing double! I wasn't slurring words! I just drank beer with my brother while playing photo hunt at the bar!

Well, at least I can look forward to being connected to the internet on a connection which works only slightly faster than engraving hieroglyphs into stone tablets and then exchanging tablets with other sufferers via pony express deliveries... But that's still a day or two off.

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