Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A change of pace...

Today began like any other...

I got up, went through my morning routine, lazed about for a little while, and then I set out on my merry way to find a job.

6 applications/resume drops, 1 immediate interview, and a couple of new-shoe-inflicted blisters later, and I have got a "trial job."

Yeah, I went to Reza's restaurant first, they deal in Persian food. I filled out an application, talked to Reza himself, and he instantly offered me a one week trial position... kinda.

After our brief interview, he asked me if I had any questions, and I asked if there were any specialty drinks I would need to know to work there. He responded by handing me their food menu and telling me to learn the food menu and not worry about drinks. (That's not good.)

I might be wrong here, but generally when you are a bartender you worry more with drinks than with food, right?

I made it quite clear that I was applying for a BAR TENDER position, as the ad, (see below) said they required.

  • REZA'S RESTAURANT is now hiring for at all three locations. In need of bartenders. Apply in person, 2pm-6pm: 432 W Ontario, Chicago; 5255 N Clark St, Chicago
I don't know about you, but when I go in looking for a bar tending job and he wants me to learn the menu instead of specialty drinks, I get a little concerned. (I don't have the patience for actual waitressing.)

The kicker is that he asked me to come on for a one week trial period... if this is a one week trial as a waitress, I'm going to have a problem with that... A BIG problem! (Any suggestions on how to handle this situation would be appreciated!!!)

I applied at a few other places, and expect a few calls in the near future on a couple of them. We shall see I suppose.


While walking around, I was verbally assaulted by a "street preacher" who desperately wanted me to spend my money with God and Jesus at a local church's fish fry.

Trying to get rid of him, I told him I was Jewish.

He then proceeded to tell me that I was not 100% Jewish because God wouldn't allow me to live in this country if I weren't at least partially Christian. He went on to say that EVERYONE is at least part Christian... (I'd love to hear him tell that to Osama) and that being born in America automatically made me part Christian... I told him that was funny since I thought being born in America only made you American... what with the separation of church and state and all.

He shut his yap and kept moving.

*To be clear, I am not Jewish. I was raised a Catholic, and am currently exploring the area of my personal religion. I do believe in the existence of God, and I do go to Catholic mass on a fairly regular basis. (I just don't like being told how to spend my money by a "Street preacher" ... especially when God and Jesus aren't around to personally spend it the way they think it needs to be spent... so instead, I pay my electricity bill.)


A little while later, while walking closer to home, I passed some kids playing on the sidewalk.

A young boy, (I'm guessing about 3 years old) proceeded to grab my bottom as I passed.

I was startled by this to say the least! (And if he were a 10 years older, I'd have likely hit him with my purse... but alas he was a youngin, and his caregiver admonished him properly instead.)


Aside from all those shenannigans, life has gone on as usual.

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