Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Computer crashes make me furious, ...even weeks later.

So I'm looking for a real job now. (Anybody got any openings for a job that won't make me suicidal, homicidal, and will still pay my bills?) And generally when one is searching for jobs, it is handy to have a resume... and I just realized that as a result of my recent computer crash, I no longer have one. THAT'S CRAP. So I have to re-assemble my resume, and continue my job search.

I'm kinda bitter... Just thought I'd let you know.


As for the holiday weekend, it was a delightful couple of days spent out at the Stephansen family home in Schaumburg.

There was lots of laughter, food, games, dancing, and generalized fun. All in all, an awesome trip to the burbs for the weekend.

(Pictures below)


I also saw War of the Worlds over the holiday, and here's a word to the wise; SAVE YOUR MONEY.

I'm not kidding, I sat through this atrocity and thought to myself,
  • "Well the effects are good."
  • "No way. THAT'S BULLSHIT."
  • "Damn! Tom Cruise and his family must be the luckiest SOBs EVER.... There's no way they all made it outta there!"
  • "Oh that's really funny! (In a really inapropriate way...) I probably shouldn't be laughing at that, but I can't help it."
  • "Ok, enough with the family values ... we get it."
  • "Wow, Tom Cruise is holding onto Dakota Fanning with such fervor! He must've only settled for 'Dating' Katie Holmes because Dakota turned down the job!"


"We don't want family values! We want killing, carnage, and lots of aliens!" ~Jeff

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